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Engineered Hardwood Handscraped Surface

There is a reason why people are ardent admirers of hand scraped hardwood flooring. It is indeed difficult to come by good flooring and one has to be a connoisseur to know the best woods. Hand scraped only adds to the charm because the wood is rubbed and scraped by hand to produce the exact natural effects.

Express Floors to Go knows how much the buyers love these floorings because of the vintage look it has. There have American Walnut, Birch Sunset, Brazilian Pecan, Express Designers, Handscraped Maple, Sandy Walnut Max Windsor, Stranded Bamboo Tiger wood and Walnut.

The different floorings are made from different varieties of woods as their names suggest. They have their own textures and grains and they come in their own unique colors. Experts at our and will be glad to help you and take you through the innumerable varieties we have and with affordable pricing, you will be able to have any of them. The floorings come with their own warranty and they are all of twenty to twenty five years and you are sure to have a flooring that will be in your family throughout your lifetime.

American Walnut Hand Scraped American Walnut