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Brazilian Pecan Hardwood Flooring Supplies & Installation

As the name suggests, the texture for this kind of wood is inspired from Brazil. The Brazilian Pecan, when installed, produces a mind boggling effect with its stark contrasts of whites, blacks and browns. Instead of gradual shading, there are quick juxtapositions of the colors and that is absolutely natural. It belongs to the Indus Paraquet Collection and there are few others like it.

The planks come in standard ½ inches width and breadth of 5 inches with a random length of 7 feet. To give you the best value for money, it can be said that this flooring is extremely durable and will stand the test of time. The style type is smooth, or hand stressed and distressed. The pricing is also extremely affordable and there is a warranty that is enough for a lifetime because with a little bit of polishing every alternate year, you can be sure that your floor will continue to amaze generations.

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