Ways to Prevent Scratches on Hardwood Floors

Installing hardwood flooring can be very expensive and it is like a dream come true for many who can afford to do it. However, the maintenance and upkeep of such classy flooring is also as important. Hardwood is very resistant but there still might be accidental scratches and some of them can be deep enough to leave behind an ugly scar. It is always better to take adequate measures so that the scratches and dents don’t occur at all. Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Firstly, try not to drag heavy items across the floor at all. Always lift them and carry them. The same goes for heavy furniture.
  • If you have furniture that needs to be moved frequently or needs to be lifted and placed down at regular intervals, arrange for wheels. These wheels can be easily attached or detached from tables and chairs. You can also attach soft pads under items that you shift frequently.
  • Try not to wear heels and stilettos inside the house. Ensure that the floors are mostly covered with carpets- at least the areas which are worked on or used frequently.
  • Some also make the mistake of scraping at old stains or layers of grime with edges of sharp objects to pick up the dirt. This is an absolute no- no if you want to keep your hardwood floor new and shining forever.
  • At times, even a light scratch can go on becoming deeper is nothing is done about it and the area is subjected again and again to heavy pressure. In that case, always keep a jar of polish and some cotton pads handy. As soon as you detect the faintest of scratch, just polish it before the scratch becomes any deeper and more perceivable.
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