Waterproof Hybrid Laminate floors Carefree easy to install

Waterproof hybrid laminate floors carefree easy to install .This new introduction is a brand new category of floor coverings that will address concerns about wet areas such as kitchens and full bathrooms with showers where water spillage and standing water is inevitable .

Although laminate wood floors resist accidental spillage that is normally noticed and attended to, there are instances where the spillage in the form of pet urine is constant and unavoidable.We have noticed that upon inspection the repeated actions have caused damage to the floor in the form of separation of the surface from the core or deformity and roughness along the edges.

The category was invented  to provide the market with a carefree product that is pet friendly and water resistant for all wet areas .

It is available in a wide variety of wood patterns from a number of suppliers both for residential as well as commercial applications.

It is very competitively  priced  as an introductory items with 100+ colorways

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