Try The Different Types Of Wood Finish On Your Home Floors

The floor finish is a liquid that can be applied on the resilient floor and can turn into durable and smooth coating on the floor when it dries up. Depending on the thickness of the coating, the life span of the floor can enhance while also giving it a slip resistant surface with a beautiful appearance.

Wood Finish floor for Home

What Is A Floor Finish Solution?

Any high quality floor finish material can contain up to twenty five ingredients. Some of the ingredients remain on the coating of the floor and are known as non volatile ingredients. There are also some such ingredients that evaporate when dried up and they are known as volatile substance.

If you are not sure about how to learn about the different types of wood finishes on the floor, you will be amazed to know that it is fairly simple as a process. However it is always better to consult a San Diego hard wood flooring expert to learn about the floor finishes.

Wax On The Floor

If you want to test the surface of the floor, take some mineral spirits, turpentine or naphthalene and put it on the flooring surface. Let the product sit on the floor surface for a while. Next check whether the finish on the floor is getting dissolved or not. If the finish dissolves, the floor is a waxed one. If the finish does not dissolve, you can move to the next test.

Shellac Floor Testing

Take some denatured alcohol and add the same to the finish of the floor. If the finish dissolves, the floor has a shellac finish.


Take some lacquer thinner and apply the same to the finish of the floor. Wait for a while and check whether it is getting dissolved, usually lacquer gets dissolved really quickly. Also know that lacquer thinner can also be used for dissolving the shellac finish thereby making it soft and sticky to touch.

Is Your Floor Finish Water Based?

Take some xylene to test the water based floor finish. Use the xylene for a longer period of time and finally wipe it off. Xylene will not wipe off the entire floor finish but will soften the finish and also make the surface sticky and soft like lacquer. If the finish doesn’t dissolve, you can be certain that the floor finish is that of oil based polyurethane.

Also keep in mind that you should follow the order of the test in the specific manner as given above else the results might differ to a huge extent.

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