Tips For Effective Hardwood Flooring Maintenance

Regular cleaning is crucial for maintaining the value of the wood. You can start the cleaning process with floor dusting for which you will need a mop. This mop should be treated with an effective dusting agent that will help in picking up the dirt, dust and other unwanted particles such as pet hair- all of which can scratch your floor surface.

Weekly and Biweekly Cleaning:

Weekly and biweekly cleaning can include vacuuming using an electric broom or a floor-brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Don’t even think of using a vacuum with a beater bat attachment for cleaning as it will scratch your floor’s finishing.

How to Remove Marks:

In case the stain has seeped into the wood, you should wipe the surface using a clean, soft cloth. You should never use steel wool, harsh chemicals or sandpaper for cleaning your floor surface as they can cause permanent damage to your floor.

If your floor has soft oiled finishing, you can resort to the following tricks for getting rid of marks:

  • For Heel Marks – Rub floor wax using high quality steel wool to remove heel marks
  • Oil-base Stains – Use dishwashing detergent and soft cloth for breaking down the grease. Next, rinse the area using clean water. In case of one or more applications failing to work, have the process repeated.
  • White Stains or Water Marks – Rub the area using floor wax and high quality steel wool. In case the stain is deeper than usual, sand your floor lightly and then clean up using mineral spirits (odorless) and steel wool.

If you are still not satisfied with the cleaning, stain the wood, followed by waxing and buffing so that the spot matches the rest of your floor.

All the above tricks will keep hardwood floors shining for a very long time.

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