Should You Choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring For Your House Or Not

While the beauty and warmth of wooden floorings is hard to resist, you can’t install them in areas like bathrooms, laundry or basements which are moisture prone areas. With the introduction of luxury vinyl floors you can enjoy the realistic look of wood even in moisture prone areas of your house. With the looks, grain pattern and natural tones; Vinyl floors look like real wood and are designed to be durable and long-lasting. Luxury Vinyl California is available at your nearest flooring shop or you can even find a wide range designs at online shops.

So is this the best type of flooring for your home? Here are some pros and cons that will help you to decide:


    • Easy installation: Vinyl floors can be easily installed. You simply have to peel off the back and place it where you want to.
    • Easy To Clean: The top surface is stain resistant and in case of any spill or dirt, you just need to clean it with a damp cloth.
    • Strong and durable: The material used to manufacture vinyl flooring makes it durable, sturdy and crack resistant. A layer of clear urethane on the top layer prevents it from scratches and tears. These are also water-resistant so can be installed in areas where moisture is high.
    • Long lasting Vinyl flooring can last up to 20-30 years if it is properly installed and maintained.

Vinyl Floorings are also your best choice if you have pets and children or if your room gets direct sunlight. These are also suitable for high traffic areas in your house.


  • Suitable only for flat surfaces: Vinyl floors are bad options for installing on stairs. These are suitable only for flat surfaces.
  • Dirt and moisture collection in seams: Though the top surface does not hold dirt, the seams are prone to collect dirt and moisture so more attention is needed in these areas while cleaning.
  • Since vinyl planks and tiles use adhesive to be installed, it can get damaged by water or moisture.

So if your house is dry and you have the time to maintain the floorings from time to time, vinyl floors is the best choice for you.

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