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InHaus Smooth 7mm Square Edge Laminate Hardwood Flooring

Express Floors to Go has come up with the Everclick Collection which is sure to click with the clients every time. We always bring unique flooring and this is no exception. The styling and coloring of the floor is very unique indeed and the square edge textured look is very sophisticated.

The size is 7 mm. The width of plank is seven and a half inches and it has a sq/ feet per ctn of 24.17. There is also a twenty years warranty AC3 and the price is $2.19 @1000s/f which is very affordable because of the fact that it packs in so many features and is so durable.

It goes without saying that this floor is going to change the way in which the outsiders perceive your home because you are sure to come across as someone who has impeccable taste is style.

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