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Express Park Random Width 12mm Laminate Hardwood Flooring

The Express Park laminate hardwood flooring is a premium flooring collection from Express Floors that is sure to keep every eye glued to the floor. The décor of the room is going to undergo a transformation for the better with these options.

  • The plank is 12 mm in size and the width of plank is of various measurements like 3-1/2″,5-1/2″,7-1/2″.
  • The random width of the planks is what lends the natural look of the wood because this is how the wood should naturally be. The hand scraped, distressed, French bleed and beveled finish is what that lends the wood such a lot of character.
  • The flooring also has an aluminum oxide finish and the price is $2.59s/f @1000 s/f. With a residential finish warranty of 25 years, this is an investment for life.

This type of laminate flooring option is sure to withstand the ravages of time and as the days pass by, the flooring will become a part of your personality.

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