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Express Crystal Semi Gloss 12mm Smooth Beveled Laminate Hardwood Flooring

Not everyone can afford laminate hardwood flooring because of its steep pricing but Express Floors to Go knows that everyone wants to have one and hence it has brought a few chosen collections at very affordable rates.The Crystal Collection Moon shadow is one of them. With its ultra sheen and super finish, this is perfect for any house.

It has smooth, semi- glossy beveled look and is 12 mm in size. The width of plank is 5 inches. The sq/ft per ctn is 19.77s/f -48 boxes per pallet. There is a 25 years residential warranty and AC3. The pricing is also very affordable at $2.09 @1000s/f.

The best thing about this kind of flooring is that they are inexpensive but look very classy and sophisticated. The laminate patterns can add a very interesting dimension and can transform any mundane room to a well designed and classy haven, exuding warmth and glamour in equal measure.

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