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Birch Rust Hardwood Flooring Supplies & Installation

When it comes to hardwood flooring, there are very few who can beat the color and texture of birch and we bring you the best of them. This particular plank comes in a very resplendent rust color, which is very near to the color of late sunset.

It has a width is 6 ½ inches. The length is random and goes up to random 6 feet. It has sq/ft per ctn of 19.2 s/f -48 cartons per pallet and the special feature is its 1/2 in. with 2mm rotary cut face. It also comes with a threefold Aluminum Oxide, polyurethane and scratch resistant coating.

The biggest advantage of this kind of coating is that even if you drag something hard across the surface or unwittingly drop something heavy on it, there are hardly any chances of your floor scratching. The distressed and hand scrapped style adds to the glamour and it comes with a twenty five years warranty.

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