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Max Windsor Smooth Outback Hardwood Flooring Supplies

If you want to tread off the beaten track and opt for flooring that is full of character and frankly, looks a bit overpowering, then perhaps you can opt for the Max Windsor Smooth Outback Collection. This collection brings you all that is mysterious and once installed will add to the charm and mystery of the room. The smooth Walnut hardwood from this collection is truly spellbinding. It is available in two colors- one is the darker walnut, which you will be able to identify with gothic mansions.

The other has a similar texture and feel, with a brighter brown mingled with the black. It has 1/2” X 6” RDM and has 20.70 sq/feet per ctn. It is beveled and engineered and has a semi glossy with aluminum oxide finish. It has a 25 years residential warranty and hence it totally justifies the amazing price at $5.29s/f @ 1000s/f and is really affordable.

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