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Max French White Oak Hardwood Flooring Supplies & Installation

Those who have a penchant for the French kind of living will find that their preferences are met with this Antoinette Oak. Oak is one of the most expensive varieties of hardwood and the effect it produces is spectacular. It is suitable for use in any kind of living spaces and will surely add a majestic aura.

The width of the plank is 7.5 inches and there is a 31.1 sq/ feet per ctn. The finishing is absolutely natural and the general style is wire brushed. With a 25 years residential warranty this is one of the best investments that you would be making with regards to your home.

All of this is available at $5.89 s/f @ 1000 s/f. With a few polishing, you would be able to keep this oak flooring as good as new for a very long time and will surely become synonymous with your style.

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