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Alpha Essence 12mm Embossed Laminate Hardwood Flooring

The Alpha Essence is a premium laminate flooring from Express Floors to Go. The smooth wide plank is a pleasure for the eyes and those who love understated elegance will like it tremendously.

  • Its embossed and beveled style is liked by all. It has a size of 12 mm. The width of the plank is seven and a half inches/ It also has a sq/feet per ctn of 20.15.
  • The aluminum oxide finish also makes the flooring very durable because it prevents any kind of damage due to rough usage.
  • There is a residential warranty of 25 years and one can have all of them at 2.79s/f @1000 s.

There is no more reason to believe that the luxury of hardwood can only be felt with a lot of money- one can enjoy the same privileges with Alpha Essence from Express Floors to Go.

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