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Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl has many advantages over ordinary kind of flooring and for this reason Express Floors to Go stocks them for their clients. It is understandable that not everybody might have a high budget or they might not all have the opportunity to opt for very elaborate maintenance.

The Glue Down Sheet vinyl is extremely easy to install as it can just be glued down to the floor surface. The floor surface does not require any major kind of preparation either and the glue is sufficient to hold it down for years after years. It is imperative that the glue be strong but the experts at Express Floors to Go will give you valuable tips on the correct application and they would also help you do it. Once the flooring is installed you will be amazed to see the transformation yourself. The IVC 7 o clock Glue Down is one of a kind and has already fond quite a lot of takers.

IMG_2939[1] IVC ( 7 O’ CLock) glue down