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Luxury Vinyl Plank

Vinyl is an excellent option for those who want something very durable and very easily maintainable and yet without compromising on style or fashion. Thanks to technology, it is now possible to make a number of prints and patterns on vinyl and that just adds to their allure. It goes without saying that a lot of families are too tied with work to pay extra attention to the maintenance but this kind of flooring hardly requires any.

The vinyl planks from Express Floors to Go gives a degree of versatility to the user because they have all the elements of a traditional flooring combined with new age style.

The pricing is another factor that makes them so popular. Almost everyone can afford them. The Tarkett Transcend Click, for example, has one of a kind pattern that makes them truly irresistible. Vinyl is the safest option if your house is prone to dampness because it keeps moisture away and is not affected by it any way. It provides very good value for money and would be a good investment if you have a modest budget.

silver cloud Tarkett Transcend Click