Pets And Hardwood Floors

Who doesn’t love pets? It is only natural to have a doggy or a kitten at home who is your child’s best playmate. However, just like your children, your pets too often get in your way and you need to keep certain items out of their reach. However, your flooring is one thing that might sometimes be subjected to their tantrums. And if you have hardwood floors, you need to take special care. Here are some tips to keep your floors safe even if you have pets:

Firstly, train your pet against some behavior- for instance, about answering nature’s call inside the house or against looking for hidden bones under the floors. Dogs may mistake the earthy color of the floor for the soil outside and dry to dig in! The result would be claw marks all over your precious floors. You can also make your pet wear light cotton socks inside. That way, their claws will not scratch or dig into the floors as they are running around with your child.

In case of the unlikely event that your dog or cat does stain the floor, be sure to keep a stain remover around at all times. Mop of the excess and apply the remover before the stain gets a chance to hold on. However, be sure to dilute it as per the instructions or else undiluted removers can be harsh enough to scrape off the polish as well. Standing water is not good for any kind of wood floor and so be sure not to use too much of soapy water.

Pets often shed fur and they might get into the joints of the wood panels in the floor and overtime they can turn your floor into an unhygienic mess. Hence, be sure to vacuum your floor at all times to keep away the furs.

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