How to Select Wood Tones to Match Wall Colors

Doing up the interiors of your house is never easy. You want everything to be perfect in your new home and yet do not want to spend a ton of money on interior designers. Your confusion might go deeper is you have installed wood flooring. Selecting the right wall color to match the hue of the floor can prove to be quite daunting. Here are a few pointers:

It is important to determine at the very onset whether you want a light and earthy look or whether you prefer the deep, rich tones. Look for the shade card likewise. If you do not want an overpowering ambiance, then one of the best ways to reduce the intensity of the deep colors of the floor is to match it with walls of neutral colors.

Whites and crèmes, or honey and coffee shades work best when you want to create an airy and yet warm feeling. Taking a neutral approach is always safe when you are not sure about the results because no matter what, they always tend to look good. In case, you feel you want more color, then you can bring that into the room with the help of heavy curtains and drapes in rich velvets.

If you want your rooms to make a bold statement, you can choose deep and rich colors like browns, reds and oranges tones of hardwood floor. However, rather than doing all the four walls, you can either opt for a single side or even the ceiling. Use that particular wall as a backdrop for some spectacular work of art that you may have. Or may the chandelier from the ceiling can have shades of light that really play up the deep hues of the floor. An intricate carpet on the floor can also set off the beauty of the room.

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