How to Paint Hardwood Floors ?

Installing a hardwood floor can be pretty expensive and with a few simple measures, you can keep it in good shape for ages. One of the simplest ways is to paint the floor, but for that it is best that one hires professionals or at least follows the various steps meticulously. Hard wood floors in do not come cheap and it is best that the upkeep should be taken care by those who are really appreciative about the flooring. Contrary to popular belief, painting hardwood floor is not very difficult but it is essential to follow a few steps if you want to get the work done in a flawless manner.

Step 1 – Before You Start Painting Hardwood Floor

Before you paint, you have to get traces of any previous polish or dirt off the floor. The floor needs to be prepared and you have to rub the floor thoroughly with 150 grit sandpaper. A lot of dust will come off the floor and you have to clean it thoroughly.

Step 2 – Vacuuming The Hardwood floors

Vacuum the loose dust and mop of the rest. Let the floor dry completely for at least a day before you apply the primer. web traceroute . The primer is the base that helps the color to stay on the wood.

Step 3 – Repeat The Rubbing

A good step is to rub the hard wood floor with the sandpaper once again after the application of the primer. That takes care of any air bubbles.

Step 4 – Apply The Color Of Your Choice For The Floor

Then, you can apply the color of your choice. If you want a natural finish, choose a color nearest to the natural color of the floor. Or else, if you want something different, you can also opt for colored patterns.

Step 5 – Important Tips After the Coloring

  • The point to remember is that you have to apply at least three coats of paint for the color to come on strong and nice and you should ideally wait for a full day in between the application of the coats.
  • If you want an extra glossy finish, you can opt for a final coat of transparent varnish especially suited for hardwood floor. Be sure not to step on the floor or shift in any items at least 72 hours have elapsed.
  • It is also important to see that the polish is applied once at least a year so that the chances of damage is considerably reduced and the polish and sheen of the hardwood flooring in California remains perfect throughout the course of your time.
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