A BIG Flooring Related Question.

Should I buy Laminate wood or Engineered/Solid hardwood ?

Here is a basic explanation of the differences to start with.

  • Laminate wood floors are entirely man made flooring products that simulate the look of wood flooring in every shape and form.
  • Technical  advancements have developed to such a sophisticated level  that today most look as authentic as naturals wood flooring materials in all aspects.
  • Engineered hardwood floors are built up like plywood in a number of layers with the top decorative layer designated by either color or wood species chosen for it’s decorative value to the customer.
  • Preservation  of natural resources as well as the stability created by this technology makes it suitable for its utilization as flooring materials when installed over all surfaces including concrete sub floors.It comes with a protective surface.

Solid hardwood is usually a wood plank /strip that is species specific It is solid all the way through with a technically advanced surface protective material  such as Aluminum  Oxide or Urethane and is sold either in its natural form or stained in a multitude of hues to suit customer preferences .

In conclusion

  • Engineered hardwood is built up like plywood with real wood on the surface.
  • Solid hardwood is wood all the way through.

The overarching decision is namely the cost differential and overall dated perceptions about  authenticity of laminate floors

Laminate floors cost half as much as the most popular Engineered /Solid hardwood floors and the question of authenticity can only be verified by the customer upon comparison  of both.

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