How To Disinfect A Hardwood Floor?

Cleaning hardwood floor is fairly easy and can be done to maintain hygiene inside the house. Disinfecting hardwood floor may be required from time to time when pets are present  and accidental  unhygienic spillage takes place. Here are some ways to help you with it:

  • Firstly, Sunlight is a natural disinfectant and probably works best for something as natural as wood. So draw out your curtains and let the sun in. This will keep germs at bay in exposed areas.
  • Another simple way of disinfecting the floor is to use a professional laminate or wood  floor cleaning product by spraying a mist over the affected areas and moping the floor with a wood mop which has a rectangular configuration and will cover a wide area in a very short time. Don’t use water profusely. Too much water is not good for any kind of wood flooring and so take care to wring the mop so that it is slightly damp when you mop.
  • If you don’t trust commercial disinfectants or cleaners  in case you don’t want to use them for fear of their being too harsh on the floor’s polish, you can always opt for vinegar. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and because of its acidic nature, it can keep away most germs. It is wonderful for everyday cleaning and is extremely affordable. Mix some vinegar with water and give your floor a thorough mop with it once a week.
  • Commercial steam mops are also known to be very effective. The kit comes with all the paraphernalia that you will require and you just need to follow the instructions. Steam has more heat and kills germs without the danger of water staining the hardwood floor and definitely has its advantages.
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