Holidays are around the corner.Fresh floors for the occasion

Holidays are around the corner.Fresh floors for the occasion Before you know it the major fun holidays will be coming.Here at Express floors to go are ready to show you some of the latest introductions in Laminate or Engineered Hardwood floors best suited for holiday entertaining .

We have an array of flooring types from Wall to Wall carpeting to Durable and carefree Luxury vinyl plank/tiles in addition to all the rest of the categories offered in the market place .Carpeting is still one of the most affordable options followed by Laminate/Vinyl surfaces.

While it is true that all major replacement of floors can be a fairly major investment yet the beauty it adds to your living environment is huge.

To replace carpeting in a three bedroom house you will be looking for an investment of approx. $2500 and up for a space comprised of about 1000 sq.ft.

By contrast an attractive Laminate wood floor for the same area may cost $4500 and up.

However you really have to keep in mind that the life expectancy of either floors is a minimum of 15 to no less than 25 years.

We accept all credit cards and offer financing for anyone who qualifies.

Visit our beautiful and well appointed showroom to discover all the options available to you today.

We will answer all your questions and address your concerns about your upcoming project.


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