Hardwood Vs. Carpet Floors: Which is More Suitable For You?

The two most preferred type of flooring among home owners are hardwood floors and carpet floors. Both offer a variety of choices that you can choose according to your environment and style. When choosing a specific type of flooring keep in mind the maintenance hazards and cost factor while installation. No matter what you choose, it would look great initially but as time flows you would need to do a lot of cleaning, vacuuming and sweeping.

Here Are Some Factors That Would Help You Choose Better

One of the benefits of hardwood floorings is that, it can be cleaned very easily. Bamboo flooring, though it’s not a hardwood, is gaining popularity over oak, since it is eco-friendly and can be grown and harvested faster. According to research it is also seen that prospective buyers prefer buying houses with hardwood rather than carpet floorings. Real-estate agents are also known to prefer hardwood over carpet. Older homes have hardwood floors covered with carpets, but these tend to get damaged due to the moisture accumulation under the carpet. In other words, hardwood increases the resale value of your home, if you consider selling your home.

Sweeping or Vacuuming?

Sweeping is much easier than vacuuming. In case of carpet floors you would need professional help for cleaning which costs you more, but hardwood floors can be cleaned by home owners themselves. Hardwood floors just needs dry mopping every 2-3 days and you’re done. Though polishing is required for hardfloors, it has to be done once in a while. We have wide variety of hardwood flooring which you can consider for your home

Carpets Hold More Dust And Germ Than Wood Floors

Carpets hold dust, dirt, hairs, etc which at times lead to eye and respiratory problems. It becomes even tougher, if you have pets. The fibre gets rugged due to their nails and fur accumulates which is hard to clean. One advantage of carpet flooring is that they hold on to allergens and keep them off the air. Many carpets these days have antibacterial nano-silver coatings within its threading which is an added advantage.  So how can you protect hardwood floor from furniture scratches, read more.

Spilling can be taken care of more easily on hardwood than carpets, though both require quick cleaning. If something heavy gets dropped, it usually makes dent on wooden floors but that won’t be the case for carpets.

On a last note, wooden floors last longer than carpet floors. Hardwood floors San Diego can be costlier than carpet floors but then it’s worth the cost. Hardwoods make your home look elegant and classy and are also easier to maintain.

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