Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips With Vinegar

When you have the hardwood flooring at home, it can enhance the look and feel of the house and also increase the valuation of your home. But hardwood can be a tad bit difficult to maintain unless you put in a lot of effort behind it. Keep your hardwood flooring at home shiny and sparklingly clean to that the overall home ambiance is always inviting and welcoming.

How To Keep The Hardwood Flooring Of Your Home Clean And Tidy?

If you have hardwood at home, you need to learn and be aware of all the ways in which you can keep the flooring clean. Here are some essential tips with the help of which you can keep it good looking for years to come.

There are various ways of cleaning the hardwood, like using cleaners and cleaning solutions, vacuuming and wet wiping etc. However the best choice of all is to use vinegar for cleaning the hardwood flooring.

Regular Cleaning

Apart from regular dusting and sweeping of the hardwood flooring, you should also mop it every day with a good cleaning solution. While there are several hardwood cleaning solutions, that can be used every day, it is best to avoid using the harsh chemical solutions.

How Can Vinegar Be Used On Hardwood?

Not many home owners know that vinegar can be a miracle cleaning agent for the hardwood floors. No matter what kind of hardwood flooring you have, using the most appropriate solution of warm water with vinegar is the best available home remedy for cleaning the hardwood floors. It is simple, easily available, quick and of course rather inexpensive too.

Vinegar can break down the grime and the dirt from the hardwood flooring without bothering the finish of the flooring and can also be streak free if done the cleaning is done with a lot of care. Be careful about using the water on the hardwood flooring since water can be a strong enemy for the hardwood floors. It will cause the flooring to warp and also swell up at places giving it a rippled look.


Always keep the measure of the water in the water vinegar solution appropriate. Mix only half a cup of white vinegar in one gallon of water that is warm. The acetic acid that is present in the vinegar will not leave any residue on the floor but will cut the grease and make the floor sparklingly clean and tidy without destroying the finish of the floor.

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