Hardwood Floor And Wall Color Combinations

If you are planning to install dark hardwood flooring for your home, it can do doubt add a lot of elegance and richness to your home, but you need to ensure that the walls are colored in light shades so that the overall color effects of the home are balanced.

When you think of drama and elegance, sophistication and aristocracy, you should install dark hardwood floors to your home. The deep tones of the dark colors can draw a lot of attention to the overall natural beauty of the home and can also add certain warmth to the home. But to balance the effect of the dark hardwood floor, you need to use lighter tones on the wall colors and also use lighter colors on the ceiling.

Colors That You Can Use When You Have Dark Hardwood Floors

The Pale Neutral Colors

White is a universal choice of wall and ceiling color when you have dark toned hardwood flooring at home. You can also use other pale neutral shades like cream, silvery gray, beige or even the pink sand tones. When you use the pale colors on the wall, it will not only add an elegant contrast to your home but also make the space appear much larger.

The Medium Colors

If you like stronger colors for your home, you can also choose the medium color tones for your home wall. There are jewel like tones that can make your home look alive when the hardwood flooring is of the darker tone. The medium color tones can make your home feel more cozy and intimate altogether. However if your home is a small area, do not use very strong colors as it can make your home look even smaller and cluttered.

Use Lots Of Woodwork

When you are planning for the color scheme of your home, you also need to consider the wood work. With ample wood work, you can actually emphasize on the architectural details of your home. The woodwork should also match the color and tone of the hardwood floor. If you use painted wood work, you should pair white woodwork with the dark floor colors as it makes for a sophisticated backdrop.

Color Schemes

If you want to opt for the high contrast color schemes for your home, choose the universal and the classic dark floor with white walls. This will also accentuate the woodwork and make your home a very welcoming and lively place to live in.

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