Effective Maintenance of Carpet Floors

Carpet floors give your home an elegant look and are most suitable for cold weathers. One important aspect is the maintenance of carpet floors to make it long-lasting and preserving its original appearance. Most of today’s carpets are made of 85% nylon and the rest is wool. These materials are made so that it can resist stains and dirt, but the necessity for regular cleaning still remains.

Carpet Care and Maintenance Guide at High Traffic Areas

For effective cleaning vacuuming twice a week is necessary. The high traffic areas of your house like stairs, hallways, etc would need a vacuum cleaner with rotating brush or beater bars with strong air flow to penetrate the carpet to the deepest.

Woolen Carpet Maintenance Guide

Some carpets that are made of wool or wool blend styles may be susceptible to hard brushing, so in these cases a suction-only vacuum cleaner is recommended. A wide range of vacuum cleaners with adjustable features are available in the market, so choose the one that suits the texture of your carpet floors.

How You Can Tackle Dry Soil Accumulation In Carpets

Dry soil accumulation in carpets makes the light to reflect differently and give a dull appearance. Soil remaining in the carpet for longer can damage the fibre permanently, so regular cleaning and vacuuming is necessary to keep it beautiful for longer.

  • In addition to vacuuming, it’s necessary to clean the carpets regularly. Cleaning enables you to get rid of oils and sticky soil that normal vacuuming cant remove.
  • Hot-water extraction is the best way to get rid of sticky dirt. You would need professional cleaners to do this job. They would spray the carpet with hot water to loosen the dirt and then rinse it with soap.
  • Once it’s clean they would extract the dirty water and dry the carpet. Many carpet cleaning companies may tell you about other cleaning methods, but hot-water extraction is the most effective method.

How would you choose the best cleaning service?

The first and foremost concern while carpet cleaning should be the fibre content. Carpets that are made of nylon, polyester can withstand any cleaning methods but ones that are made of wool, cotton or other sensitive materials need specialized care and skills.

  • The professionals should also be able to answer technical questions such as the PH level of cleaning solutions they would be using, etc.
  • Also, check for the costs they quote per square foot.
  • Companies quoting anything less 50 cents or $1 per square foot would not be a good choice, since they would use methods that would leave behind dirt.
  • So read about reviews and check with previous clients who have used the services of the San Diego Carpet cleaning company.
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