Decorate Your Home With The Right Kind Of Wood Floors

There is certain charm in wood that every other option seems to lack. The grainy texture and the uniqueness in each of the planks give the floors a unique glow. In addition to that, different types of wood have different textures and hues that enhance the visible beauty of the room. With the advancements in building technologies, it is possible to have wood in any part of the house, even in the bathroom, even if it is in spirit.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Different types of wood floors have gained popularity. While some of them are common and traditionally used, there are some particular gifts of modern technology.

Solid Wood Planks

The most common and the tradition form of flooring used.

  • They are solid planks of wood that are cut to size and laid out to form floors.
  • They can be either unfinished variety where buyers get all the treatment and staining done to get the proper finishing done or finished variety with factory finish.

The latter is considered better although customization is difficult because factory finishes stay on for longer.

Engineered Wood Flooring

One of the more popular varieties allows the user the ease from worries regarding any damages or scratches. These are constructed using several layers of wood veneers with the top layer consisting of real wood. With the grain in the wood running in different directions the material is quite stable and versatile.

Hardwood Tiles and Laminates

A revolutionary way of achieving wood floors with none of the hassles is installing hardwood tile floors. They are porcelain tiles of customizable shapes and sizes like wood that replicate the look of wood. Laminates are plywood with prints of wood surface made on the upper layers. [Read some of the important Do’s And Don’ts Of Floor Laminating]

Hardwood tiles have solved the age old problem of using wood in wet areas or those that see a lot of traffic. Research and get the right flooring solutions.

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