All About Hardwood Flooring – Part 2

Adding to Home Value:

Flooring is one of the important elements of your home that adds to the overall home value. However, hardwood flooring is the most beneficial investment that offers impressive return on investment. This flooring option is appealing to a wide range of buyers and assures you of a profitable and early resell of your home. Wood species are available in dozens for replacement or installation requirements. Some commonly used wood species include maple and oak (for regular domestic purposes), and acacia and tamarind (for sophisticated decor purposes).

Questions to Ask Before Investing in Hardwood Flooring:

The following questions will help you find the right hardwood flooring:

Where exactly do you want it installed?

Basement Don’t use low grade solid wood flooring for your basement, especially if the humidity level is high. Engineered flooring is ideal for this site as it offers maximum stability.

Kitchen- Hickory or oak is a good option for heavy traffic areas such as entryways and kitchen. (See: Things To Consider Before Choosing The Floor Tile Type For Your Kitchen)

Bathroom- Try to avoid using wood for areas that are damp most of the times as water tends to warp wood.

Bedroom- Soft wood such as black walnut and black cherry goes well with areas where the traffic is low, like bedrooms and home offices.

What’s the Wood Going Over?

Existing Wooden Floor It is best to install thin boards that come with long-wearing factory- applied finishes.

Plywood Subfloor If the floor is flat and solid, installing any nail-or glue-down hardwood or engineered strips is an easily doable option.

Radiant Floor For this floor type, engineered flooring option is idea as this type of wood is more stable in comparison to majority of the solid woods.

Concrete Tile or Slab You can install only glued down or click-together varieties of flooring. Nails are out of question.

The Traffic Factor:

For installing hardwood on your commercial or residential area, you must first be aware of the wear and tear that the place will be exposed to. Three important application areas based on traffic and performance requirements include the following:

Normal Traffic All rooms in your home except entrance (because people from outside, directly walk onto this hardwood floor) are included in this category. Regular maintenance of these hardwood floors dry cleaning methods such as dust mopping, vacuuming and sweeping.

Moderate Traffic- This category focuses on entrance in places like offices, homes, conference rooms, small assembly areas, day care centers, stores and ballet dancing locales. Maintenance of such floorings include regular cleaning.

Heavy Traffic This is the area where the traffic is maximum and heavy, such as restaurants, dance floors, showrooms, service centers, church rooms, employee dining areas, restaurants, auditoriums and large assembly halls. Some of these heavy traffic areas may require top coats on the flooring.

The information provided above will help you decide what type of hardwood you want to invest in for your property. For easy and quick installation, you should shop online where you will come across several variety options at a budget-friendly price.

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