All About Hardwood Flooring – Part 1

To give your home a classic and evergreen look, investing in wood is a cost-effective and easy option. You can choose from a wide range of stain, wood choices, color composition to find the one that makes your home appear elegant and charming in a stylish, budget-friendly way.

Finished and Unfinished Flooring:

There are several installation techniques, finishes and designs that you can select from, for your home furnishings. Both finished and unfinished floorings are available in the above-mentioned varieties. If you choose unfinished flooring for your home decor, you can be more specific with your stain color or opt for uniformity in stain from one to another. On the contrary, pre-finished flooring gives you the advantage of convenience, without you having to go through the staining and sanding mess. Finished flooring is faster than the unfinished variety in terms of sealing, installing and staining wood.

Options in Hardwood Flooring:

Three wood flooring options are a available for your home. Of these, solid is the most popular one that sells in 3 varieties, namely:

  • Strip Flooring – These are planks with uniform width which are easy to install as well as durable in nature.
  • Paraquet Patterns – They are also sought after by many homeowners. This type of flooring comprises of wooden strips in square designs that are glued together.

All the designs mentioned above offer exclusive benefits. Depending on your budget and decor requirement, you can opt for the one that meets both these criteria.

Engineered Flooring for The Budget- conscious:

The engineered flooring variety is another option that homeowners can install in their residences. This flooring type is prepared by adhering real wood base to a veneer layer to make a layer pattern which offers stability and balance to the plank. This type of flooring is easily affordable, long lasting and requires minimum maintenance costs.

Popular Hardwood Species:

A few common hardwood species that are used for residential settings include White Oak, Red Oak, Hard Maple, Pine and Cherry. Each of these hardwood varieties have unique appeals, with durability and color as their main areas of differences. If you cater to these two factor, i.e. durability and color, you can easily decide which type will compliment your home in the best possible way.

Stay tuned for more on hardwood flooring…


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